What is an Exclusive Listing?

An exclusive listing arrangement appoints a single real estate agency to represent you in the sale of your property.

What is the key benefit of this?

The key benefit to an exclusive listing arrangement is control. You have one point of contact and one point of responsibility. Your agent will be 100% committed to and 100% responsible for the outcome of the sale of your property.

What does an exclusive listing mean for the agent?

Some people list their home with multiple agents. This is known as a ‘general or open listing’. Agents earn their income through the sale of the property, not in listing it, so they’re less likely to give a great commitment unless they’ve got a good chance of success, not put all the work in and another agent ‘flukes’ a buyer. Like all small businesses, agents dedicate their time where they’re most likely to see a result for their hard work.

Quantity of Quality?

When it comes to buyers, it is quality rather than quantity that is important. Which is why we market your property to our database of buyers first, before ‘hitting the market’, that way, they are most likely already qualified via an open for inspection and try to get you the best possible result in the shortest timeframe.